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College of Human Environmental Sciences

Planning Your Schedule

Please remember that in order to get writing intensive credit, you need to have taken English 1000 and received a C- or above. A C- or better is also required for your two WI classes.

For math, you need to have taken Math 1100 (or a higher numbered class) and received a C- or above in order for your Math Proficiency to count. You will also need a C- or above for your Math Reasoning Proficiency class. There are a number of classes that will fulfill this requirement including Math 1400 and FinPln 2183

If you are planning to take Math 1100 on campus, you will need to take the ALEKS exam. See more information regarding this exam and math placement.

Selected courses in History or Political Science may double count as a social/behavior science in the distribution of content area and history requirement.

In the Distribution of Content Area, please check the list of approved courses located on the general education requirement website to select a class in one of these areas (Biological/Physical/Mathematical Science, Social/Behavioral Science, and Humanities). See distribution of content list.

Please note that some classes may "double count" (fulfill more than one requirement on your degree sheet, however, please note that you do NOT receive double credit hours. It just allows you to check off more than one area).

  Architectural Studies Interior Design
Biological, Mathematical, Physical Science Math 1400
Physics 1210
ArchSt 4323 (MU General Education Physical Science and Math Reasoning Proficiency—beginning 2016)
ArchSt2323 (MU General Education Physical Science Lab)
ArchSt 4323 (MU General Education Physical Science and Math Reasoning Proficiency—beginning 2016)
Social & Behavioral Sciences American History/Government
ArchSt 2620 (formally 4620)
ArchSt 3860
American History/Government
ArchSt 2620
ArchSt 3860
Humanities & Fine Arts Art 1050
ArchSt 1100
ArchSt 2100
Comm 1200
Art 1050
ArchSt 1100
ArchSt 2100
ArchSt 4430

You will need to have two-three credit hour classes. These courses must be in two different departments. The approved classes are located on your degree sheet. If you use Nutrition or TAM for your science, you can’t use it as an HES Foundation course.

Please check the prerequisites of these classes located on the ArchSt Courses by Semester. Use the 4 year sample plan (part of your degree sheet) as a guide.

Please check the prerequisites for these classes located under the course descriptions on MyZou.

If you are planning on receiving a minor, be sure to look at the requirements and follow up with that department.

It would be in your best interest to start planning out not only this semester, but all your upcoming semesters. While this can be changed, it will give you an idea of what classes to take and when, especially ArchSt classes.

REMEMBER that you need a minimum of 125 credits hours to graduate. Please keep this in mind when "double counting" classes.

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