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The iLab offers a spectrum of 3D visualization software from various computer-aided design (CAD) and building information modeling (BIM) software to advanced virtual and augmented reality authoring tools. These tools provide an opportunity to develop innovative workflows for design visualization and virtual prototyping, simulation and evaluation. The iLab has capabilities for multi-actor, full body motion capture using both marker-based and marker less technologies, behavioral observation (video capture and content analysis), user experience and human factors research (logging human-computer interactions and eye-tracking in 3D), and measurement of cognitive and emotional responses (psychophysiological measurements). We have advanced video collaboration capability enabling us to connect to other locations including telepresence rooms. The research team at iLab has competency to effectively use these advanced visualization tools for various research and creative projects across disciplines.

The lab has a variety of 3-D technologies from large screen stereoscopic 3D display to head mounted VR displays and augmented reality glasses that enables students and faculty researchers to immerse and interact with virtual environments. The iLab also acts as a technologically enhanced learning platform for students. It allows them to experience their designs in a large-scale, immersive 3D environment, and provides them with a multi-modal, digital environment for design presentation and critique. The video conferencing and content sharing capabilities provide an opportunity for digitally mediated design collaboration for geographically distributed design teams.

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