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College of Human Environmental Sciences

Courses by Semester

Note: The prerequisites listed here may not yet be reflected in the once-a-year printing of the university catalog.


Pre-requisites needed
UPDATED January 2020
Course # Course Description (with credit hours)- Courses in BOLD are offered Online Summer Fall Spring
1100 Visual Design (3)   X X  
1200 Architectural Drafting and Working Drawings (3)   X X  
1600W Fundamentals of Environmental Design (3) *WI*     X English 1000
2100 Understanding Architecture and the American City (3)   X    
2220 Computer‐Aided Drafting with AutoCad (3)   X   ARCHST1200
2230 Design Communication I (3)     X ARCHST2200, ARCHST 2811
2310 Building Systems (3)   X    
2315 Building Systems Laboratory (1)   X X  
2316 Advanced Building Systems Laboratory (1‐6)   X X ARCHST 2315
2323 Sustainable Building Design Fundamentals X   X  
2620 People, Places & Design (3) X   X  
2811 Studio I (4)   X   ARCHST1100; ARCHST1200; ARTDR_VS1050 and admission to Studio sequence in Architectural Studies
3100 Color and Light (3)     X  
3182 Studio II (4)     X ARCHST2811; ARCHST2310
3230 Advanced Design Communications (3)   X   ARCHST 2230
3860W Programming for Human Factors (3)       English 1000, ARCHST4813 or ARCHST4823
4320 Materials, Methods and Products   X   ARCHST2310 or Instructors Consent
4323 Sustainable Technologies and Systems (3)     X Math 1100 or equiv or Math1160 or higher
4325 Energy Efficient Building Design       Math 1100 or equiv or Math1120 or higher  - offered as enrollment demands*
4333 Compliance and Specifications (3)     X ARCHST2220; ARCHST2811 or instructors consent
4430 Guiding Design with Historic Preservation (3) X X   American History or Government or Art History or Instructors Consent
4435 History of the Designed Environment to 1750   X    
4440 Design Precedents (3)     X ARCHST2100 and ARCHST1600W
4710 Design Business Practices (3)   X   Pre- or Co- Requisites: ARCHST4814 or 4824 
4813 Interiors Studio III (4)   X   ARCHST3182 and ARCHST2230
4814 Interiors Studio IV (4)     X ARCHST4813
4815 Construction Documents & BIM Studio (4) X   X ARCHST 4814 OR ARCHST 4824; ARCHST 3230. ARCHST3860W
4823 Architectural Studio III (4)   X   ARCHST3182 and ARHCST2230
4824 Architectural Studio IV (4)     X ARCHST4823
4940 Internship in Environmental Design X X X Instructors Consent
4990 Thesis Design Studio (4)   X   ARCHST4814 or ARCHST4824; ARCHST3860W

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