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Annual Graduate Student Summer Workshop

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The Annual Graduate Student Workshop emphasizes pathways to knowledge for each student’s line of inquiry and her/his pursuit of a graduate degree. The workshop is beneficial to both incoming new graduate students as well as more seasoned graduate students who will benefit from seizing opportunities to refine their research direction and make good progress in one’s research program and professional advancement.

Past graduate students appreciate the value of this intensive session as they learn (1) how to improve their own research and (2) how to mentor, advise and guide others in their research program since most alumni will be asked to serve as graduate advisers themselves.

Online students and resident students assemble with department faculty and are encouraged to make connections with additional faculty who may serve on their graduate committee. An added objective of the workshop is to benefit from strengthening collegial connections with fellow students, faculty, and the University of Missouri.

Mode of Operation

Student participation requires a brief PowerPoint presentation outlining his/her current research and participation in the week’s events on campus as outlined.

Faculty have customized the workshop for your specific needs. Faculty presentations are based on faculty members’ perspectives where they believe enrichment would be beneficial. Please take full advantage of the workshop by planning ahead and preparing for readings prior to faculty presentations.

Beginning students will be exposed to topic framing and dissertation process issues. More seasoned and advanced students will be guided on topic refinement and research process. Advanced students are encouraged to give refined presentations so faculty can provide the most meaningful feedback. See credit options.