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Degree Audits

The degree audit is an automated report reflecting the student’s academic progress toward the completion of a degree. The student may request a degree audit for their major. In addition, “What If” reports may be requested for other majors the student may be considering. The report automatically places the student’s Mizzou course work and transfer courses within a series of requirements and sub-requirements for a specific degree program. The audit also includes options for courses that fulfill each requirement. HES degree audits have been built to reflect the Degree Sheet dated with the year you entered the program. They follow the same layout: General Education, HES Requirements and the Degree Program.

The degree audit cannot replace one-on-one contact with the academic advisor. When meeting with your advisor you should take a copy of the printed audit with you for review. The degree audit report is a tool used by both academic advisors and students. The student should not rely on the degree audit without consulting with his or her academic advisors. The staff of the University Registrar and the academic advisors make every effort to maintain accurate degree audits; however, there are quite often exceptions to be entered for individual students


  • In progress courses are listed separately and will not fill into the requirement area until completed.
  • Hours listed indicate the total earned at the end of the previous semester.
  • Any duplicate courses or classes that cannot apply to graduation are automatically subtracted (these will be listed at the end of the audit).
  • As you complete requirements in a section, it will collapse and only those courses that you took to complete that requirement will be listed.
  • A legend is provided at the back of your audit, but a quick reference will be that area in Bold indicate an area that has not been completed (this will be preceded by an “-R”). A “+R” indicates complete.

Audits may also be accessed directly from your student center in MyZou.