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College of Human Environmental Sciences

Minor in Architectural Studies

A Minor in Architectural Studies is 15 credit hours, including ArchSt1600 Fundamentals of Environmental Design and selection of additional coursework from the list below. Courses meeting MU General Education requirements (e.g., Humanities, Behavioral Science, and Social Science) are indicated. Complete the Apply for HES Minor form


ARCHST 1600 Fundamentals of Environmental Design* 3 credits (MU General Education Humanities)

*MizzouOnline students substitute ARCHST 2620 People, Places, and Design (MU General Education Behavior Sciences) for ARCHST 1600.

Choose at least 12 hours from the list below:
(See Course Descriptions)

  • ARCHST 1100 Visual Design (3 cr) (MU General Education Humanities)
  • ARCHST 1200 Architectural Drafting and Working Drawings (3 cr)
  • ARCHST 2100 Understanding Architecture and the American City (3 cr) (MU General Education Humanities)
  • ARCHST 2220 Computer Aided Drafting with AutoCAD (3 cr)
  • ARCHST 2310 Building Systems (3 cr)
  • ARCHST 2315 Building Systems Lab (1-6 cr)
  • ARCHST 2316 Advanced Building Systems Lab (2 cr)
  • ARCHST 2323 Sustainable Building Design Fundamentals (3 cr) MU General Education Science and Lab
  • ARCHST 2620 People, Places, and Design (3cr) (MU General Education Behavioral Science) (Replaces ArchSt4620 Environment and Behavior)
  • ARCHST 3100 Color and Light (3 cr)
  • ARCHST 3860 Human Factors Programming (3cr) (MU General Education Behavioral Science)
  • ARCHST 4320 Materials, Methods, Products (3 cr)
  • ARCHST 4323 Sustainable Technologies (3 cr) (MU General Education Physical Science and Math Reasoning Proficiency—beginning 2016)
  • ARCHST 4411 Study Abroad in Architectural History (arr) (MU General Education Humanities)
  • ARCHST 4430 Guiding Design with Historic Preservation (3 cr) (MU General Education Humanities)
  • ARCHST 4435 History of the Designed Environment to 1750 (3 cr) (MU General Education Humanities)
  • ARCHST 4440 Design Precedents: Architecture, Interiors and Furniture since the Industrial Revolution (3 cr) (MU General Education Humanities)
  • ARCHST 4961 Design Research and Service Design (3cr)
  • ARCHST 4962 Information Visualization and Visual Analytics (3 cr)
  • ARCHST 4964 Design Thinking (3 cr) (MU General Education Social Science.)

For exceptional students with consent of instructor and department approval, additional ARCHST courses may be selected.

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