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Dr. Balakrishnan Quoted in Show Me Mizzou

Bimal BalakrishnanDr. Bimal Balakrishnan, Associate Professor and Department Chair of the Department of Architectural Studies, was quoted in Show Me Mizzou’s story on MU and AT&T Collaboration Brings 5G Technology to Campus. The University of Missouri and AT&T are collaborating on an innovation lab in Cornell Hall that will bring full 5G+ millimeter capability to MU’s campus. The research and teaching will feature bandwidth and the capacity for students and faculty to be on the forefront of innovation. The relationship has already generated an interdisciplinary course on 5G innovation called “Connectivity and 5G.” Dr. Balakrishnan and a lead contributor to the course said, “With this new lab on campus, ideas can quickly transfer from experimentation to implementation. It opens a lot of doors for students to go beyond state of the art and it pushes us into emerging technology well ahead of many other schools.

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