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Connecting People and Place / Interior Design and Architecture

Our Mission is to develop the next generation of leaders in the design professions, advance research to enhance the design of built environment and provide service to improve quality of life for people.

Our Vision is to be a program chosen for exceptional teaching, research, and service adding exemplary value to the quality of the built environment for the diverse people in a multicultural society.

Faculty and students conduct systematic inquiry into 1) the design process, 2) sustainable products and practices, 3) the interaction between people and the built environment, and 4) the tremendous role of digital technologies. The program highlights the interdisciplinary nature of interior design, architecture, the human sciences and aesthetics to improve quality of life for the public good.

Our Values embrace the core values of MU (Respect, Responsibility, Discovery and Excellence). Department values are further described below:

The Department of Architectural Studies occupies a unique position among our peers. We embrace the synergy between architecture and interior design. Our research and creative endeavors cover many aspects of the design and construction of our built environment. Our research emphasis on design with digital media pioneers new tools and workflows for design, while environment and behavior research addresses the impact of the built environment on human experience and behavior. As a national leader in design education, we prepare the next generation of leaders in the design profession who are well equipped to address emerging challenges related to globalization, sustainability, and technology. Our efforts through the Great Plains ADA Center and MU Extension leverages our research and design expertise to improve quality of life in Missouri and the nation.