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Research Opportunities

Architectural Studies department offers numerous research opportunities, including paid ones for undergraduate and graduate students. Students can explore independent research projects with a faculty mentor as a problems course or work on a faculty research project, often funded by a research grant. Please reach out to your academic advisor or to one of our faculty whose research interests are aligned with yours. From 2011 to 2020, the HES Program for Undergraduate Research Experiences (PURE) provided numerous research scholarships for our undergraduate students and they are highlighted below.

Student Name Dept Project Title Faculty Mentor
Tara Weng ArchSt Green Building Education in Science Museum: Eight Case Study Museums in the U.S. Laura Cole
Mikaela Mongeon ArchSt The Impact of Virtual Reality on Spatial Presence, Comprehension, Memory and Movement Bimal Balakrishnan
Jessica Blankinship ArchSt Immersive VR Education Program for Enhanced and Practical Learning Bimal Balakrishnan
Eric Ballesteros ArchSt Evaluating the Perception of Architecture: Understanding How People Observe Different Geometric Forms Bimal Balakrishnan
Dalila Kahvedzic ArchSt A Case Study of MU Campus ADA Design for Users’ Emotions and Physical Comforts Jong Bum Kim

Previous PURE Projects:

  • Rebecca Van Lue, Evaluating Emotional Responses to the Designed Environment: Integrating Virtual Reality Environments with Emotional Response Measurement. 2016-2017. (Bimal Balakrishnan)
  • Danielle Feit, Student Photography in Teaching Green Buildings. 2016-2017. (Laura Cole)
  • Mohammed Alsubaie, Dynamic Architecture: An Exploring of Adaptive and Responsive Architecture. 2016-2017. (Bimal Balakrishnan)
  • Genevieve Daley, Spatial Configurations and Crime at Mizzou and its Surrounding Areas, Fall 2015 and Spring 2016
  • Thomas Bernhard, Examining the Success of Restoration Projects in a North St. Louis Low-Income Urban Neighborhood, Fall 2015
  • Samantha Hurrell, How the Design of the Workplace Affects the Productivity, Collaboration, Privacy, and Efficiency Among Employees, Fall 2015
  • Casey Osteen, Engineering West Lobby Redesign, Summer 2015
  • Wade Lucas, Using Mind Mapping Tools to Explore Emotional Responses to Environmental Features of Likely Crime Areas at Mizzou Campus, Summer 2015
  • Andrea Herries, Hands on, Minds on: Evaluating Investigative Experiences of Young Children in Outdoor Classrooms, August 2014.
  • Michael Ritchie, Exploring Sustainable Flood Architecture Prototype Housing for Natural Disaster Victims, August 2014.
  • Kaitlin Davis, Caring for People Afflicted with Alzheimer’s at Home; A Day in the Life, (Fall 2014)
  • Rachel Liberty, & Hannah Wallace, Research-based Prototyping and Evaluation an Intensive Care Unit (2014)
  • Ashlyn Jach, Pervasive Developmental Disabilities in the Learning Environment (2014)
  • Lindsay Webb, & Alyssa Jensen, Examining Digitally Mediated Collaborative Design Environments (2013)
    • Honorable mention at the Undergraduate Research and Creative Achievements Forum.
  • Benjamin Schrimpf, Ergonomic and Architectural Design Evaluation using Motion Capture Tools (2012).
    • Presented at the Annual Conference of Environment Design Research Association (EDRA) 2013 at Providence, RI.
  • Stephany Donnelly and Julia Phillips, Charette participants for Programming of Campus Success Center, 2013
  • Karen Johnson, Programming by Design; Autistic Spectrum Disorder Classroom Design, Human Environmental Sciences, August 2013
  • Malia Bucher, Balancing Performance and Aesthetics: Building Simulation Using Rhino, Grasshopper and Arduino (2012)
  • Michael Sullivan, Student Application of CO2 Laser in Advanced Model Building Using a Real-World Client Scenario (Fall 2012)
  • Nicole Wagy and Michael Sun, Guidance Tools to Enhance Navigation in a Virtual Environment (2012)
  • David Eslahi, Enhancing Creativity through Virtual Reality Learning Environments, Human Environmental Sciences, August 2012
  • Nathan Moore, Understanding Personal Learning Environments of Students in Online Coffee Shops, Human Environmental Sciences, August 2011
    • Moore,N. and D’souza, N.: 2012, Presented at International peer-review conference – Environment Design Research Association 43, Seattle
    • Moore,N. 2012. Examining Personal Learning Environments of University Students, Undergraduate Research Day, Capitol, Jefferson City, Missouri.
  • Sterling “Max” Anderson, Exploration of the Practical Application of CO2 Laser Engraving to Sustainable, Non-toxic Printmaking (Summer 2011).
  • Brad Martin and Melina Smith, Evaluating Impact of Virtual Reality System Components on Spatial Experience (2011)