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iLab Infrastructure

The Immersive Visualization Lab (iLab) is a unique facility that houses a wide variety of commercially available advanced visualization and simulation software, an extensive collection of VR and AR displays as well as usability and performance assessment tools.

Software Resources

The iLab has an extensive collection of visualization and simulation authoring tools including a variety of CAD (AutoCAD, Rhino, Modo, Solidworks), modeling & animation (Blender, Mudbox, 3D Studio Max, Maya, MotionBuilder, Motive), Building Information Modeling (Revit) and matchmoving, 3D compositing and special effects software (PFTrack, PFDepth, Nuke, Mari, Ocula, After Effects, Premiere, Vegas), game development platforms (Unity3D, Unreal), and virtual and augmented reality authoring (EON Reality) tools as well as behavioral simulation tools using intelligent agents (Massive Prime). The lab also has 14 high-end graphics workstations to support these software tools to develop high quality, photorealistic renderings and virtual reality simulations.

Hardware Resources

The hardware capabilities of Immersive Visualization Lab (iLab) include stereoscopic 3D visualization using large screen display (18 x 6 feet), 70 inch 3D TVs, virtual reality (VR) HMDs (HTC Vive, HTC Vive Pro Eye, Oculus Rift, Quest and Go, Fove, Gear VR, Looxid VR), interactive 3D displays (zSpace) augmented reality (AR) glasses (HoloLens, Meta 2, Epson Moverio), full-body motion capture and tracking (18-camera Optitrack system & IMU-based Perception Neuron); high resolution 3D scanner (Creaform HandySCAN 3D) as well as measurement tools for human-computer interaction (LogSquare, INTERACT), eye-tracking (SMI Mobile glasses for use with VR displays) and psychophysiological equipment (10 channel Procomp Infiniti system with various sensors – EKG, EMG, GSR; Emotive EEG headset) to measure emotional responses. The research team at iLab has competency to use these advanced tools effectively for various research and creative projects involving virtual and augmented reality.