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iLab Collaboration

For Undergraduate Students

All students in the Architectural Studies department will use the main 3D visualization and presentation environment of the iLab as part of the regular curriculum. There are multiple opportunities for undergraduate students in the department to engage, explore and master advanced visualization technologies in the iLab. The students may register for independent research credits to assist with an ongoing research project or sign up for a problems course to explore a topic of your interest. The lab occasionally takes on visualization projects for development that are of strategic importance to the department, college or University of Missouri. These offer an opportunity to add unique visualization projects to the student’s design portfolio.

If you are a non-architectural studies student at MU interested in working on iLab projects or would like to use the iLab for your research or creative endeavors, please contact us. We try our best to accommodate requests from students

For Graduate Students

Graduate students who are interested in being a part of iLab typically pursue a degree in our graduate program (MA, MS, and Ph.D.). If you are interested in joining the graduate program in Design with Digital Media or Design Research in Architectural Studies, you can find more details on our department page. Our MA students usually focus on creative projects using advanced visualization tools or seek to define new workflows for complex visualization tasks. These usually result in visualization prototypes and/or documentation of best practices for the workflow. Our MS and Ph.D. students investigate the impact of digital media tools and visualization technologies on design and spatial cognition. These projects culminate in a written thesis submitted to the graduate school.

For Industry

The iLab offers a variety of resources to explore applied research questions that are of interest to industry. We can develop detailed, interactive, virtual environments, prototypes and 3D simulations for industry needs. We can also measure cognitive, affective and behavioral responses to these environments and simulations. For example, we can develop multiple virtual prototypes for retail shopping environments and measure emotional and behavioral responses of potential shoppers. We are interested in developing and maintaining industry partnerships. We welcome requests to tour the iLab as well as inquiries for collaboration or consultation from the industry. We can combine our expertise and resources with that of our collaborators in the PRIME Lab and the Information Experience Laboratory to address challenging projects.

For Researchers

We believe that the most exciting research questions are found at the intersection of disciplines. They are best tackled from a problem-centric perspective combining multi-disciplinary expertise. We welcome proposals for collaborative research with an inter-disciplinary focus. If you are interested in collaborating with us on projects please contact us.