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Design with Digital Media

The Design with Digital Media curriculum is structured to promote thought and work that crosses traditional lines between disciplines and challenges students to consider non-standard approaches to the computer as a creative and expressive medium. Study of technology, art and design is balanced with inquiry grounded in conceptual, critical, social, cultural and historical considerations.

Design with Digital Media, as an integral part of the design process, focuses on graphic ideation and the application of computer technology for architecture, interior and related disciplines. This program of study has an emphasis on design with digital media leading to MA, MS, and PhD degrees.

The graduate courses can either be taken as a MA/MS or Doctoral program. The MA is a project-based program of study, whereas MS is research-based. The MA/MS options can generally be completed in two years. The duration of the PhD may range from 3.5-6 years.

Current study areas in the digital media program include:

  • Design computing and cognition
  • Design process using digital media and creativity research
  • Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technologies for design visualization
  • Advanced visualization technologies for environment-behavior simulation
  • Building Information Modeling (BIM)
  • Building Simulation
  • Human-computer interaction aspects of digital tools for design

See resources in our immersive visualization lab, the ilab.

The culmination of the degree is a written and/or visual project employing computer applications for design methods. Applicants interested in the Design with Digital Media option should contact the coordinator of Design with Digital Media, Dr. Jong Bum Kim,
for course content and research proposals.